cypher232 Naruto: The Eyes Of God
I died? I'm getting reincarnated? I have near infinite karma? Wishes? Fine might as well be OP! ----------------------------------------------------------------- Just saying I'm writing this on my phone so don't expect long chapters or daily updates or amazing story.
dervishscyth DXD: Hard to kill
Dude gets ROB'd from his world but atleast he gets some wishes out of it My first fanfic and was just hoping for criticism as I've never written a fanfic before or well anything. Honestly not sure if I should continue this or not just lookin for what to improve
Hasu_Yodd Shadow clones jutsu in Fairy Tail
Our MC is Hasu Yodd in world of anime fairy tail with only startin with shadow clone jutsu.
This is fanfiction.I don't own a character that the people recognize from other work.Remember it's fanfiction and which idiot out there want to read an original story you better find it yourself than screaming like an idiot. I think I wrote dictionary just for the first chapter. Maybe I have talent to become like Harry Potter author. Maybe.... who knows right and this thought making me shudder because...