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In the kingdom of royal assassin family there was husband and wife. Until one day the wife delivered twins a 4 baby girls .

One day, bad assassin came to the kingdom and took the babys. the husband tried to fight the bad assassin to protect his wife and daughters. But he failed to do it and he only got one of his daughter and he died in the battle.The 3 babys was in the hand of the bad assassin.

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(after 20 years)

The wife named her daughter FANNY the ROYAL CAVALRY. Fanny already know the story of her family 20 years ago except that she have 3 lost twin sister, her mother denied to told about it because he wants Fanny not to get hurt more . When she acquired 18 years of age she always spent her time in training because she's planning to revenge. Her mother dislike her plan. But Fanny didn't listen to her mother and shes keep on training.

One day, her mother decided to support what she is planning. Her mother offer to her a weird weapons, it is a piece of metal cable and 2 sharp sword. Upon recieving it her mother told to her "this weapon is great and powerful weapon in the world, I have 4 of this because it is my gift in your 20th birthday to each of you....umhhhh I mean this my Gift to you but i sell already the 3 for you to have money for your daily needs, please make use of them in your revenge". Then Fanny start wondering what his Mother said (the 4 pairs of weapon and The each of you) but she fucos on the training.

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