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Fanny get wake up when she heard the loud sound of drums and Yell of the audiences inside the hall of the Land of Dawn. Fanny stay calm after all because her battle will start 1:00 PM according to the programme. Sounds of audiences, weapon and magical skills inside the hall are triggered to Fanny to came in thé hall.

12: 00 PM one Last match before her battle he came in thé hall together with her mother and they watch the last battle before her. MC speaker introduce 1st the contentant from good assassin and upon the introducing the other contestant from bad assassin was mad because of introducing 1st the good assassin instead of him. Thé Bad assassin keep getting mad and suddenly he killed the MC by releasing a large monster underground and swallowed the MC in a seconds.

After Killing the MC the bad assassin introduce his self to the audiences and said "I am Hanzo the killer of good assassin and destroyer of assassin royal family, HAHAHA!".

Fanny attempt to ask something about royal blood to her mother but her mother's can't speak anymore due to the nervous upon seeing Hanzo. Fanny realizes without her mom''s answer that Hanzo is the one who killed his father, but to assure Fanny force her to speak if she is right with her thought. Her Mother still dosnt speak but her mothers head move up and down w/c means YES.

Fanny get shocked when the good assassin died in Just a minutes and seeingHanzo laughing without any wound nor scratches in the body upon the battle. Then Fanny stand shivering bécasse of the madness she felt. Hanzo emmediately Stop laughing when he feel sorounding Fanny's énergy, Hanzo is trying to locate where the power came from. But suddenly Hanzo see 6 cables soround him and he cant see who is the girl in the cable because of the speed of the cables. The cables stop and Hanzo saw Fanny standing at the back of him.

Hanzo: who are you?

Fanny : Fanny the Royal Cavalry From Royal Assassin Family which is the family you destroyed 20 years past.

Hanzo : ahhhhh

Fanny : Epp ! im not yet done ! And I am the one will kill you !

Hanzo : Hahahahaha ! There is no buff here ! How can you kill the powerfull bad assassin ? HAHAHAHAHA !

Fanny : I dont have buff but i have my enough Energy to kill you.

(Hanzo try to laugh but Fanny suddenly realease 2 cables and cut the head off Hanzo's head)

Hanzo: HaHaHakdog.... Aghhhhhh. (Died)

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