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megainka > 515Mobile Legends : Bang Bang Lost Twins > 1 Chapter 2
(3 years after)

Fanny recieve a news about battle compétition between Good and Bad assassin in the Land of Dawn the place is known because of the yearly contest held there . Upon recieving the news she emmediately prepare her things for her to join the contest. The reason why he join the contest she think that in the contest there is a real battle that will inhance her Killing skill to defeat the bad assassin who kill her dad. Her mother accompanied her to the Land of Dawn and the travel takes 6 months before they arrive.

Upon arrival they stayed in the rent room near the Contest hall and the following day will be the Opening of the contest. After dinner around 7:00pm they rest and sleep, during 12:00 AM (midnight) Fanny and her mother suddenly wake up because they both feel the over power of Good and Bad assassin around the place. Her mother start get worried and cry because the power they féel trigger to remember what happen 20 years past. Then Fanny trying to cheer up her mother and give promise that she will kill all the bad assassin what may happen.

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