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megainka > the mage academy > 2 Zeonaire's mother
he don't have a mother but he have a father.his mother is from Mage academy in the land of aghanyms magician/witch lives in the land of aghanyms the world full of magic zeonaire's mother was name Esme. Esme is the princess land of aghanyms Esme has a fiance And her fiance named

Zherref. he is also lives in the land of aghanyms but Esme met Zynister from Dark academy Esme had a relationship with Zynister but they dont tell to anyone because Esme has fiance Mage academy and dark academy, their academy was against to each other and their romance are forbidden but Zherref discovered the romance between esme and Zynister so Zherref tells to the king of land of aghanyms Esme's father. And king Dycriss declared the war against dark academy and dark academy accepted the war. during war Esme fled the war because Esme she is pregnant after the war esme returned in the land of aghanyms king Dycriss died in the war. everyone in the land of aghanims is angry with esme because Esme fled during war. after 9 months Zeonaire was born suddenly zherref came and saw esme and Zeonaire.

"Esme Esme my ex fiance"Zherref

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"sorry to what I did to you"Esme "

"is that your child pointed to Zeonaire's face"Zherref

"yes" Esme

and zherref was tried to kill Zeonaire but suddenly Esme catches zherref's skills then Esme died

Zherref run away after the incident.

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