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one day in the land of aghanyms someone was born and name, he is Zeonaire. Zeonaire has the ability to melt everything if he touch a thing it's start to melt he cannot control his ability so everyone is afraid to come near him but there was a one kid does not afraid to approach him because he is his best friend his name Hexuss. Hexuss ability is to control the water. where ever they go they still together. Hexuss and Zeonaire

one day Zeonaire bullied by kid too

bully kid said

"you are a trash you cant even control your own ability and you accidentally killed your mom"

what did you say?

and the bully repeated what he say

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no it's not true and Zeonaire could not control his anger

"and he punch the bully kid and the bully "

kid was crying and run away. and the bully has a wouden in his face and wouden is like a fist

but the truth is his mother died because she killed by someone.

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