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Doomed to be Cannon Fodder

Author: Whistling Night Rain

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Updated: 2021-10-02 07:22:32

Latest chapter: Chapter 295: Yu Kuang’s Cute Little Wife

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《Doomed to be Cannon Fodder》Latest chapter
Chapter 295: Yu Kuang’s Cute Little Wife
Chapter 294: Yu Kuang’s Surprise Encounter
Chapter 293: Xiaoshi’s Pure Husband (II)
Chapter 292: Xiaoshi’s Pure Husband
Chapter 291: The Emperor And Empress’ Legacy
Chapter 290: Entering the Heavenly Hall
Chapter 289: Abdication Of The Throne
Chapter 288: Prince Rong Collapses From Exhaustion
Chapter 287: A Household Must Always Have a Master
Chapter 286: A Nation Must Not Have A Day Without A Ruler
Chapter 285: Huge Turnaround In The Battlefield
Chapter 284: The Emperor Leading Troops Into Battle
《Doomed to be Cannon Fodder》' main text
Chapter 295: Yu Kuang’s Cute Little Wife
Chapter 294: Yu Kuang’s Surprise Encounter
Chapter 293: Xiaoshi’s Pure Husband (II)
Chapter 292: Xiaoshi’s Pure Husband
Chapter 291: The Emperor And Empress’ Legacy
Chapter 290: Entering the Heavenly Hall
Chapter 289: Abdication Of The Throne
Chapter 288: Prince Rong Collapses From Exhaustion
Chapter 287: A Household Must Always Have a Master
Chapter 286: A Nation Must Not Have A Day Without A Ruler
Chapter 285: Huge Turnaround In The Battlefield
Chapter 284: The Emperor Leading Troops Into Battle
Chapter 283: Illicit Relations
Chapter 282: The Corpse that Disappeared
Chapter 281: Who Are You, Really?
Chapter 280: The Funeral
Chapter 279: The Hunt And A Visit
Chapter 278: Having a Soccer Team Won’t be a Distant Dream
Chapter 277: Hiring a Murderer
Chapter 276: Noble Consort Su Goes Insane
Chapter 275: Noble Consort Su Falls Out Of Favor
Chapter 274: Havoc in the Streets of the Capital
Chapter 273: A Secret Gleaned Through Eavesdropping
Chapter 272: You All Don’t Understand the Poison That Women Can Be
Chapter 271: Bringer Of Chaos, Noble Consort Su
Chapter 270: The Disappearing Miracle Doctors
Chapter 269: Long Heng’s Rebellion
Chapter 268: The Unlucky Eunuch
Chapter 267: Confirmation, Noble Consort Su
Chapter 266: A Familiar Stranger
Chapter 265: Noble Consort Su
Chapter 264: The Mastermind Behind All This
Chapter 263: Your Majesty, Are You Out of Your Mind?
Chapter 262: Black Devil’s Snare Protecting Its Mistress
Chapter 261: The Cousin’s Retaliation
Chapter 260: Appointing Another Concubine
Chapter 259: The Mysterious Sister
Chapter 258: Target? Sir Song Jiaoyue
Chapter 257: Compensated, Ji Zhangshu Leaves The Capital
Chapter 256: Bidding War Of The Brothels
Chapter 255: The Lin Family Redeeming A Slave
Chapter 254: You Won’t Die If You Don’t Go Looking For It
Chapter 253: Nobody Is A Better Schemer Than The Old Madame
Chapter 252: The Problem of Dealing With The Female Lead
Chapter 251: Oh Dear Ol’ Female Lead
Chapter 250: Let Us Reminisce About the Past
Chapter 249: Too Many Plot Holes In The Story
Chapter 248: Beaten Up Good, Putting On A Front
Chapter 247: A Trap, Any Which Way is Fine
Chapter 246: The Lady Fights the Evil Concubine
Chapter 245: The Playful Newly Appointed Princess Consort
Chapter 244: Being Carried Through the Day
Chapter 243: Level Up – Princess Consort Li
Chapter 242: Marriage Matters, A Hundred Beatings with Military Rods
Chapter 241 Guilty, Returning To The Capital Without Approval
Chapter 240: Return Home With Head Held High
Chapter 239: Saving Someone and a Misstep
Chapter 238: The Black Devil’s Snare Appears Again
Chapter 237: Famous Doctors From All Places Enter the Palace
Chapter 236: The Complicated Imperial Harem
Chapter 235: Changes in the Female Lead
Chapter 234: Entering The Capital In Disguise
Chapter 233: Fifteen Gold Tokens In Exchange For A Life
Chapter 232: Disfigurement, Gone Missing
Chapter 231: An Unexpected Enormous Bungle
Chapter 230: Yu Kuang Slowly Warming Up
Chapter 229: White Lotus VS Princess Syndrome
Chapter 228: Surprise! An Arrogant Female Transmigrator
Chapter 227: Lieutenant, The Enemy’s Female General
Chapter 226: Princess Syndrome Is Also An Illness
Chapter 225: Chen Tao’s Death
Chapter 224: Sinister, Schemes Within Schemes
Chapter 223: Duel Between Two Transmigrators
Chapter 222: Defected To The Enemy, Chen Tao’s Family
Chapter 221: Black Devil’s Snare
Chapter 220: Gunpowder Bombs
Chapter 219: Manufacturing Gun Powder
Chapter 118: Divorce Papers
Chapter 217: Miss Lin’s Husband
Chapter 216: Setting The Bed On Fire
Chapter 215: Sharing The Punishment
Chapter 214: Punishment from Staves, Husband and Wife Suffering Together
Chapter 213: Terrible Luck, Locked In the Dungeons
Chapter 212: The Female Lead Bites the Hand that Feeds Her
Chapter 211: The Great Battle, Defeating The Chained Horses Formation
Chapter 210: The Strategist Who Smashes Wine Cups
Chapter 209: Older Sister! Let’s Sleep Together!
Chapter 208: Training Soldiers, Husband And Wife Are One
Chapter 207: Husband And Wife Finally Meet
Chapter 206: My Present To You Before I Die
Chapter 205: A Dandy, Extremely Good-For-Nothing
Chapter 204: A Pitiful Child
Chapter 203: The Omnipresent Female Lead
Chapter 202: A Battle of Wits and Courage
Chapter 201: Assassinating the Strategist
Chapter 200: Guerilla Warfare, Deep Behind Enemy Lines
Chapter 199: Former Acquaintance, A Favor to Ask
Chapter 198: Beating Up the Bandits
Chapter 197: Bandits, Leave The Women
Chapter 196: Linked Horses Formation
Chapter 195: The Path of the Female Lead is Not an Easy Road
Chapter 194: War Is Imminent
Chapter 193: Birth of the Young Prince
Chapter 192: The Lin Family Daughter Gets Married
Chapter 191: Death of the Prince, The Female Lead Returns
Chapter 190: Psychic Dreams? Ah, It’s a Super Power
Chapter 189: Panic. Prince Li takes revenge
Chapter 188: Poisoned, Power in Bloodlines
Chapter 187: The Female Lead’s Invitation
Chapter 186: Duan Yunying Strikes
Chapter 185: Pregnant Lady, Fragile Goods
Chapter 184: Parting Gift
Chapter 183: A Responsible Man
Chapter 182: The Lively Wedding
Chapter 181: Possessive Streak
Chapter 180: Entanglement from the Female Lead
Chapter 179: The Arrival of the Younger Brother
Chapter 178: The New Guard
Chapter 177: Kidnapping Someone, Courting Death!
Chapter 176: Detained. The Beginnings of a Torturous Love?
Chapter 175: An Arousing Kiss, The Male Supporting Character’s Instigation
Chapter 174: Heartless, or Not?
Chapter 173: Two Supporting Male Characters
Chapter 172: Touchy Feely, Big Sis, You’re So Soft
Chapter 171: Big Sis, Just Marry Me!
Chapter 170: Traveling Together, A Perilous Journey
Chapter 169: What Kind of Joke is this Marriage Proposal?
Chapter 168: Humoring a Child Earlier than Expected
Chapter 167: Accidental Injury, the Meticulous Alliance Head
Chapter 166: A Secret Crush, Brothers Argue
Chapter 165: Surveillance, No Heart
Chapter 164: Marriage Proposal
Chapter 163: Thief in the Manor
Chapter 162: That Gentle Man
Chapter 161: Trouble Wherever the Female Lead Goes
Chapter 160: A Hickey
Chapter 159: Chaos in the Prince Li Manor
Chapter 158: The Female Lead Enters the Prince Li Manor
Chapter 157: Return Gifts
Chapter 156: Disappointment and Putting In More Effort
Chapter 155: Much Too Soon To Tell
Chapter 154: A Suspicious Matter
Chapter 153: Telling Tales and Overstepping Authority
Chapter 152: The Old Madame Returns
Chapter 151: Depressed. Dowager Empress Critically Ill
Chapter 150: The Male Lead’s Charm
Chapter 149: Can You Hit Me So It Doesn’t Hurt?
Chapter 148: Dream vs. Reality
Chapter 147: The Tree Desires Calm, Yet the Wind Will Not Stop
Chapter 146: Sun Hong’er’s Corpse
Chapter 145: Resting at the Relay Station
Chapter 144: Tired of Being Spoiled, Really Want to Act Cute
Chapter 143: Various Pains
Chapter 142: The Male Lead’s Jealousy
Chapter 141: Empty, Lonely, and Cold
Chapter 140: Crying from Happiness
Chapter 139: This Awkward Poison (2)
Chapter 138: This Awkward Poison (1)
Chapter 137: A Fake White Lotus
Chapter 136: Clearing Her Name
Chapter 135: Identified
Chapter 134: Why Is It You Again?
Chapter 133: The Brainless Woman
Chapter 132: The Night Before the Exchange
Chapter 131: Patience and Limit
Chapter 130: Still Running Into the Little White Bunny
Chapter 129: Exchanging Hostages
Chapter 128: Captured and Escaping
Chapter 127: Suffering On Behalf of the Female Lead
Chapter 126: Attack of the Female Supporting Character
Chapter 125: Strange Illness Arising From Poison
Chapter 124: The Supporting Male Character Falling Into The Trap!
Chapter 123: A Cunning Woman
Chapter 122: A Fierce Woman
Chapter 121: Being Threatened!
Chapter 120: Jealous? Believe Him
Chapter 119: Picnicking with Meat
Chapter 118: Picturesque, Beautiful Scenery and Women
Chapter 117: Comeback of the Female Supporting Character
Chapter 116: What Happens After Scratching the Female Lead?
Chapter 115: Jealousy, Bait
Chapter 114: Having An Affair
Chapter 113: Duan Yunying
Chapter 112: Awkwardness, Becoming More Daring
Chapter 111: Nothing Good Ever Came From Offending the Female Lead
Chapter 110: Dirty? Spoiling the Concubine and Destroying the Wife
Chapter 109: The Devious Male Supporting Character
Chapter 108: Overproduction of Male Hormones
Chapter 107: A Heart Like A Capering Monkey and A Mind Like A Galloping Horse
Chapter 106: A Rotten Loveline Comes to Fruition
Chapter 105: Ghastly Shrieks, Getting Rid of Someone in Secret
Chapter 104: Volunteering to be a Bedwarmer
Chapter 103: Searching for the Assailant
Chapter 102: Appeasement, Stay Tonight
Chapter 101: First Appearance of Superpowers
Chapter 100: Becoming the Supporting Male Lead’s Soulmate?
Chapter 99: Never Fool Around With A Friend’s Wife
Chapter 98: Need a Way Out
Chapter 97: Male Supporting Character, Please Help Me
Chapter 96: Destroying the Reputation of the Prince’s Manor
Chapter 95: Murder Requires Courage, Too
Chapter 94: Servant Loyal Unto Death
Chapter 93: Arson?
Chapter 92: Fire!
Chapter 91: Doing a ‘Favor’
Chapter 90: In Charge of the Household, Big Family Big Business
Chapter 89: How to Punish Disobedience
Chapter 88: The True Act Begins with Illness
Chapter 87: A Secret Agent, Gossipy Women
Chapter 86: Male Lead, What’s the Matter With You?
Chapter 85: A Gentle Hug
Chapter 84: Cellar, An Immense Hole
Chapter 83: Demanding Some Interest for Taking A Bit of Advantage
Chapter 82: Sharing the Same Room, Innate Sense of Seduction
Chapter 81: Poisonous Tulips
Chapter 80: Poisoned, Specialized Skills
Chapter 79: The Repercussions of Splitting a Family
Chapter 78: Nervousness, Palpitations Difficult to Calm
Chapter 77: Accidentally Latching Onto Someone’s Thigh
Chapter 76: Surprise, A Hundred Vegetarian Dishes
Chapter 75: Harrowing, the Female Lead Strikes Back
Chapter 74: This Prince Hasn’t Married You Yet!
Chapter 73: A Small, Delicate, and Pale Foot
Chapter 72: Meeting Again, Miss Lin Appears
Chapter 71: Prince Li, Is She Doing Well?!
Chapter 70: A Little Drink of Wine
Chapter 69: Friendly, Getting Along Harmoniously
Chapter 68: Dishes-Sour, Sweet, Bitter, Spicy
Chapter 67: The Fatty Meat Flies Away Right Before Eating
Chapter 66: Demanding a Person, Strategically Asking Old Madame
Chapter 65: The Little White Bunny Will Be Eaten Sooner or Later
Chapter 64: Borrowing Someone, Strategically Asking Old Madame For Help
Chapter 63: The Lin Family’s Gifts of Gratitude
Chapter 62: Clever, Jiaoyue Hides His Feelings
Chapter 61: Punishment, Supporting Male Visits a Patient
Chapter 60: Decisive, Establish Prestige and Lecturing Others
Chapter 59: Trouble, Hacking At Someone
Chapter 58: Scapegoat, Task
Chapter 57: Teasing, A Practical Joke
Chapter 56: Grievances
Chapter 55: Impressive Assets
Chapter 54: Knock Her Out and Carry Her Away
Chapter 53: Rumor Mongering, Mistress Looks for Trouble
Chapter 52: Eloped, Ruined Reputation
Chapter 51: Restless, Nosebleed
Chapter 50: Over This Quickly?
Chapter 49: I’m Sorry, I Didn’t Know the Severity
Chapter 48: Endure, Frantically
Chapter 47: Who’s Never Suffered Heartbreak?!
Chapter 46: Lack of Intent, Being Turned Down
Chapter 45: Expressing Her Feelings
Chapter 44: The Supporting Male Lead Invades
Chapter 43: His Impatience, His Recklessness
Chapter 42: Teaching Her How to Write, Getting Closer
Chapter 41: Teaching, Butler
Chapter 40: Waiting for Compliments
Chapter 39: Paying a Call with a Motive
Chapter 38: Too Ugly, Too Many Thorns
Chapter 37: Does One Get Used to Pain?
Chapter 36: As Long As You’re Alright
Chapter 35: Jianghu Revenge Killing
Chapter 34: Vegetarianism, Trifling Skill
Chapter 33: Embarrassment, Cooking
Chapter 32: Getting Princess-Carried!
Chapter 31: Spoiling the Concubine and Destroying the Wife
Chapter 30: Coincidence, Overbearing
Chapter 29: When a Beauty Trips, She Still Looks Good!
Chapter 28: Concealment, Raging Fury
Chapter 27: The Heck Is Up With the Male Lead?
Chapter 26: Blood Froths and Boils
Chapter 25: Escape, Elopement
Chapter 24: Being punished and exchanging words
Chapter 23: An Unexpected Financial Loss From Probing
Chapter 22, Sending a Gift, Secret Exchanges
Chapter 21: To Be Loathed
Chapter 20: Her Calligraphy Needs More Practice
Chapter 19: That Appearance is Extremely Seductive
Chapter 18: Got Nothing To Do So I Might As Well Try To Seduce the Supporting Male Lead
Chapter 17: Taking By Force
Chapter 16: Killing Without Batting An Eye
Chapter 15: Rumors Are Not To Be Believed
Chapter 14: Does This Girl Have the Appetite of a Cat?
Chapter 13: The Plot Runs Awry
Chapter 12: Vying with the Female Lead Means a Miserable Death?
Chapter 11: Birthday Banquet, Stunning Those Present
Chapter 10: Giving a Present of a Root Sculpture
Chapter 9: An Itching Heart, Either By Design or By Accident
Chapter 8: A Crazy With Talent
Chapter 7: Hey! What Kind of Evil Spirit Are You!
Chapter 6: Torture, Beaten to Death
Chapter 5: An ugly daughter-in-law can’t avoid meeting her mother-in-law forever
Chapter 4: Staring Stunned at a Certain Supporting Male Character
Chapter 3: An Old Warbird, Must Not Attract Trouble
Chapter 2: A Cactus? What’s That?
Chapter 1: Tyrannical Cruelty, Beaten to Death